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How We Work:

Projects, Programs, and People

We provide strategic oversight and planning for development projects that support both personal growth and community economic stimulus. While engaging in numerous projects and programs to improve quality of life in impoverished locales, we never forget that the most important thing we do is love the people we serve and share the hope of Christ.

TerraMica's community development projects and programs focus on the following arenas to take a holistic approach to a better local life. (click on button below for more information):

MISSION:  to stabilize vulnerable communities, to cultivate hope, and to create a better local life through impactful projects

VISION:  to develop stronger family relationships, and to empower people to become healthier physically, spiritually, and economically.


the power of projects



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Poverty Alleviation

How projects and programs alleviate the impact of poverty

The scope of TerraMica's work not only brings hope to those we serve, it also helps to alleviate the devastating impact of poverty on individuals, families, communities. This is accomplished through our projects and programs in the following ways:

  • Our health and faith initiatives are a critical component to people's welfare. As they experience better physical, emotional, and spiritual health, people have the energy and focus to work harder and be more successful. This results in greater productivity.
  • Agricultural education and training enable farmers to employ methods that increase both crop quality and yield, leading to greater economic sustainability.
  • By engaging the people we serve in our projects and programs to work alongside our teams, and by working closely with local community leaders, we encourage locals to work together with their neighbors to accomplish family and community goals, thus empowering people to work at improving their conditions and quality of life.
  • TerraMica works with coffee farmers and cooperatives to make global marketplace connections for improved crop sales.

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