Lenses and Light

“Life is a constant stream of visual information … learning how to constructively file or delete this never ending flow has taken me decades to discipline my mind, and more importantly, my heart to do.”

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Fires that Burn

Life was suffocating, painful, and unfair. If I could just escape and go build a campfire that would wrap me in its warmth, the flames would empathize with my plight, soothe my heart, and console me. There was just one little problem - open fires are against the law.

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Breaking Boundaries

Perceived boundaries can keep us from accomplishing amazing things. They hold us back from stepping out, from connecting, from loving. But those boundaries can be broken … Abby’s experiences in Honduras showed her how God accomplishes that in surprising and inspiring way!

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Love in Spanish

How do you make a difference in someone’s life in just over a week? It’s making a connection, showing that you care, listening, and sharing your heart. Delaney used her ability to speak Spanish to have an impact on the children she served in Honduras … and God had an impact on her heart through them!

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Long Road to Serve

A canoe down the muddy river, rough and winding mountain roads, crossing streams … the road to the Patuca medical clinic was long and challenging for Lynette, but her experiences were incredible. Lives touched and lessons learned made her time in Honduras rich and invaluable.

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